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    I know. It’s implying that they can’t both exsist or the men now can’t be respectful .
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    Whoever made this pic needs to calm down.
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    Not as any Nazi. As one of the worst Nazi’s. But yes, I am pretty sure the point was to use a nazi and it was...
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    Why are we using Ralph Fiennes as a Nazi? Unless that was the intention. -.o
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    This post is so not true and opinionated
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    is nobody going to mention that the the man on the left is portraying a Nazi?
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    I feel like I to point out that not all men “back then” were like that and certainly not all men today fit the list on...
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    ….Guys, are we seriously using Ralph Fiennes playing a Nazi as an example of manhood? Why can’t we use John Wayne or...
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    Révolte contre le monde moderne - just what the doctor ordered.
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